Certification is not the final goal!

Most consultants incorrectly focus on compliance with the ISO/IEC 17025 requirement clauses, i.e. before having fully studied the status of the lab, they start advising and implementing a laboratory management system, which can ultimately lead to a mere conformation to those clauses and obtaining the compliance certificate.

Of course, we, like other consultants, also help to obtain the ISO/IEC 17025 certificate of compliance, but our emphasis is not on getting this certification. We primarily focus on the correct performance of the lab, and then on the certificate. To achieve this aim, we advise our clients on regulating a controlled, progressive quality management system based on the specific needs of each laboratory which guarantees daily implementation in all activities by those involved.


Designing a functional system

In many cases, organizations are reluctant to embrace a new system and change old habits. Three reasons for this are:

1. Personnel and managers have Insufficient knowledge of the new system

2. The system is not based on the specific needs of the laboratory

3. The system fails in meeting the changing needs of the lab

We train and familiarize staff on the new system so that can incorporate it daily in their everyday activities

We custom design systems to our clients’ unique laboratory conditions and do not sacrifice quality or efficiency for a fast deployment.

We specifically focus on designing a “Dynamic” flexible system that meets our clients’ ever changing needs.

No imposition of additional services

You choose the service!

Most laboratories need help in calculating the uncertainty of results, validating test methods, and analyzing the results of interlaboratory comparisons. If you need advice in any of the above mentioned areas or any other area of the laboratory quality management system, please contact us.

Estimation of measurement uncertainty is done step-by-step for any test result following the instructions given in QUAM 2012 and ISO-Guide 99 .

Performing calculations for verifying test methods or interlaboratory comparisons can be provided using statistical methods in the shortest time possible without interfering with other segments of the lab quality management system.

We also offer our services if you need internal auditing. We carry out the internal audit on the already-embedded quality system in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.

On the job training is available as required for any of the above services.



has been active in the field of training, consulting, and the establishment of laboratory quality management systems since 2007.

Some of our former and current clients are listed at bottom of the page.



         1- Society: To attract and train professionals to provide excellent service to our clients

         2. Customers: To provide service that exceeds customer expectations

         3. Function: To practice self-restraint in

           • Honesty

           • Continuous improvement

           • Responsibility

           • Respect

           • Teamwork

           • Patience

           • Sustainable value creation


We commit to honesty and reliability, to earn and retain the trust of our customers.

We commit to using our enthusiasm, flexibility and systematic planning to increase our own and our customers’ efficiency and effectiveness.

In addition, we are commit to self-assessment and to a strong work ethic to set and achieve our goals of providing the best possible customer service.


Our mission is to help laboratories promote organizational excellence and improve efficiency and productivity. We believe that in this way, quality management systems will have the highest returns in comparison to other management methods, and we will work to help our clients by organizing processes, human resource activities and ideas

We will also develop the culture of using management systems as a part of our mission, and spread the idea that: "Systematic progress of an organization is way more beneficial than disparate and person-tied achievements."

About the founder

Ehsan Mohsenian was born in Tehran (Iran) in March 1979 and completed elementary and secondary education in the same city.

He completed his bachelor’s degree in polymer engineering at the Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) in 2002.

After doing military service, he went to Germany to continue his studies. Having obtained his master’s degree in polymer science, he returned to his homeland in 2007.

Since then, he has been continuously involved with manufacturing and consulting companies and has always tried to contribute to improve the quality level of services and products with honesty and utmost hard work.

The areas of his activities are relatively broad and it is unnecessary to mention them all here. Below, the most important ones are listed and at the bottom of the page, a number of former clients and associated organizations are listed:

         • Quality management in manufacturing companies

         • Consultancy, design and deployment of quality management systems

         • The secretariat of the corresponding technical committee ISO-TC138 / SC3

         • Contribution to the development of more than 20 Iranian national standards

         • Official professional of Iranian National Standard in the fields of education, drafting and
          monitoring on the implementation of national standards

         • Consultancy on the establishment of quality management systems for laboratories

         • Training courses for test and calibration laboratories

In his personal life, he is interested in studying the classical texts of Persian poetry and literature, language learning and collecting certain collections.


Customers / Associated organizations